for neurodiverse adults to live happy and fulfilled lives
Long-term independent living with support
Welcome to Bendiga House
A safe, caring and comfortable home
A friendly, harmonious and co-operative atmosphere

Bendiga House

‘Bendiga’ comes from Spanish, meaning ‘bless’.

Bendiga House offers long-term accommodation with person-centered adaptive care to neurodiverse adults (excluding people on the Autism spectrum).

It is a home away from home where residents can work on reaching their potential in spite of the challenges they face, with the support of professional staff.

Starting out as one house accommodating 10 residents, Bendiga House has grown exponentially and now consists of three adjoining properties to eventually accommodate 25 residents. Each house has its own character and the goal is to create a safe, non-restrictive, home-like environment.

Residents follow a daily routine which includes structured activities on a daily basis. The daily routine is balanced, to allow residents to have enough private time to rewind and to socialise.

Depending on the needs of the resident, a personalised individual daily program is followed; some might need to take part in more structured activities, others less. This daily program is reviewed regularly, to meet the needs of every individual.

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Ideal location

Amenities such as fitness centres, shopping malls, library, medical services and restaurants are within walking distance. We are on the MyCiti bus route and only a stone’s throw from beautiful Blouberg beach.


Our aim

We offer a home away from home where our residents receive the support of professional staff to help them reach their full potential in spite of the challenges they face.

Solar Power and Wifi

All three houses have Wifi as well as a solar power back-up system which means that we are not affected by loadshedding.


Registered NPO

Bendiga House for Independent Living is a registered Non-profit Organisation that provides long-term care and support for adults with a mental health history.